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Shijiazhuang Hongsu Textile Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

The products series include various grey fabrics, 100% cotton, polyester-cott...

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  • Contact Person: Davy Wei
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Hongsu Textile has 764 sets of loom (including 450 shuttle loom machines, 250 rapier loom machines, 64 air- jet loom machines), 30000 spindles, monthly production of 1.8 million meters of grey fabrics, and 260 tons of yarn per month. The products series include various grey fabrics, 100% cotton, polyester-cotton, 100% polyester, yarn-dyed and other fabrics. The products can be used for semi-bleaching, bleaching, dyeing, printing, three-proof, anti-static, flame retardant, anti-UV, oil-resistant, crease-resistant etc. Mainly used for clothing pockets, linings, shirts, beach pants, worker garment, camouflage, Arabian thobe, uniform, case, handbag, canvas shoes, cap, sheets, bedding, pillowcases etc. Products are mainly export to the United States, Russian, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries and regions.
Hongsu Textile upholds honesty and integrity comes first philosophy. We sincerely invite you to... [Details]